Want a job? For product testing, a candy company will offer you $78K.

NY's STATEN ISLAND A Canadian firm wants to hire you if you adore sugar and are older than 5 years old. They are offering a very alluring $78,000 per year for a work-from-home position.

 The position summary? "Running candy board meetings, serving as the chief taster, and having fun."

The delicious job was listed on LinkedIn in July by Candy Funhouse, an online store that sells all different kinds of candy, including chocolate bars, gummies, and licorice, according to CNN Business. Since then, thousands of applicants have submitted applications for the job of Chief Candy Officer.

The CEO of the business, Jamal Hejazi, told the news source that he was taken aback by the volume of applications with "golden ticket" themes and elaborate movies of whole families agreeing to split the tasting responsibilities and pay. But he claimed to understand the appeal.

Imagine having your favourite memories centred on candy every day at work, he remarked.

According to CNN, Candy Funhouse, headquartered outside of Toronto, is run by a group of four siblings in their 20s and 30s who were raised nearby and whose parents had a restaurant and a doughnut business.

Hejazi told the news agency that his younger sister and brother eventually joined the company. "My brother Mo, a candyhead, launched it in 2018, and my mother was employee no. 2," he said.

The family's objective was always to set their business apart from well-known rivals like Mars, Hershey, and Amazon by offering a "strange" assortment of goods and no order minimums.

Hejazi told CNN that his business, which has a significant social media following and had sales of just under $15 million during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, "will sell one lollipop."

The Chief Candy Officer post, which is advertised on LinkedIn as being accessible to candidates 5 years of age and older, is a work-from-home role, but the chosen candidate will also have the option of working out of the company's Toronto, Canada, or Newark, New Jersey, offices.

The indicated salary is $100,000 per year in Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to $78,000 in American dollars.