Launch of the Aadhaar Face Authentication Service App by UIDAI

The UIDAI has begun utilising facial authentication to verify the identification of Aadhaar holders.Your identification is confirmed once your facial authentication is successful.

Aadhaar Authentication User Agencies (AUA) can now capture a live person's face for the authentication process thanks to the UIDAI's freshly released Aadhaar face authentication RD Service app.

An Aadhaar holder's true identity, which was collected at the time of Aadhaar enrolment, is authenticated and registered in the databases of UIDAI through this new verification process.

This RD Service app for Aadhaar face authentication can be used for Aadhaar face authentication for a number of other apps, including JeevanPraman, PDS, scholarship programmes, COWIN, and farmer welfare programmes.

Using the UIDAI RDApp, which can be used for various Aadhaar Authentication Apps including JeevanPraman, PDS, Scholarship programmes, COWIN, and FarmerWelfare schemes, residents are now able to use the Aadhaar Face Authentication function, according to an official UIDAI tweet.

UIDAI stated in a video tweet that "Aadhaar FaceRD App captures live person's face for Aadhaar authentication using Face Authentication Technology."

The government organisation added, "Aadhaar Face Authentication technology has been developed in-house by UIDAI."