Tamil Nadu Power Utility scolds errant local governments

Tangedco, the utility for Tamil Power, has ordered all local authorities in the state to settle their debts immediately as their financial difficulties continue to worsen.

IANS was informed by representatives of Tangedco's financial division that the state's local bodies owed the company Rs. 1,800 crore.

According to sources at Tangedco, the department has also instructed its employees to collect debts from organisations run by the state government, including the water authority, the department of education, the police, and municipalities, in addition to local organisations.

According to sources, Tangedco is experiencing a financial difficulty and is requiring its customers to pay their debts.

The officers have also been instructed by the department to locate connections to whom letters for unpaid dues have been sent. 

The department has also instructed staff to raise the issue with the district collector and other revenue officials in the affected areas in order to get the back taxes paid.

Tangedco is going forward with a number of reforms, but department officials warned IANS that the utility could eventually collapse if its foundation is not strengthened by collecting long-overdue debts.

As a result, tough actions will be taken against disobedient customers.