Taimur asks the paparazzi why they take photographs of him, saying, "You people are famous," Kareena Kapoor Khan REVEALS

Since learning that she was expecting her first child, Kareena Kapoor Khan has been the centre of attention. The paparazzi started to focus on her son Taimur Ali Khan at that point, and now Jeh Ali Khan is now the subject of a lot of social media attention.

 Kareena hasn't yet figured out why the paparazzi want to photograph her kids, though. She admitted that Taimur also queries her about the same thing.

Kareena said that one must learn to live with it when Alia Bhatt sought for her motherly advise on how to raise her children in the social media age. Bebo revealed how she handles the paparazzi to India Today "Ya, yeah, fine, whatever, I say.

Simply continue taking pictures. After a point, just finish it and stop bothering me. That is how it is. But to be quite honest, I have no idea why they would want to take his picture."

"Even my kid Taimur now queries me, "Why are they photographing me? I'm not renowned; you people are." He is aware of that. And I have no idea why some don't.

 I said, "Yes, you are not renowned," when Taimur answered, "I am not famous." You still have a ways to go. You are only a child. He is aware of it. People ought to be aware of it "Added her.

There have recently been rumours that Kareena is expecting her third child. A photo of Kareena during her trip went viral, and there were claims that it revealed a pregnancy bump.

She responded to the claims on Instagram while on vacation with her family in London and posted, "Guys, it's the spaghetti and wine; relax; I'm not expecting. Uffa. Saif claims that his population contribution to our nation is already much too great, enjoy the KKK."

 Kareena is presently waiting for the premiere of Laal Singh Chadha, a film that also stars Aamir Khan. Additionally, she will make her digital debut in a Sujoy Ghosh-directed OTT project.

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