For Indian students pursuing MBBS, Russian universities provide good prospects.

Russia may be the best option for any student who wants to study an MBBS and is seeking for an institution that provides medical education of the highest calibre standards.

So what are the steps to take? Well, a professional educational consultant might offer the ideal solutions in the first place. Speaking with Dr. Amit Kamle, the founder and director of A.K.Educational Consultants,

 it became evident that many Indian students who pursued MBBS in Russia have now returned to their home countries to work as extremely successful physicians in the Indian healthcare system.

In reality, his firm provides students with a 360-degree hassle-free admission process by advising and assisting in the selection of the most appropriate and student-friendly university, with documentation, support for FMGE and NEXT preparations, and travel aid.

 Additionally, they provide direct assistance to Indian students studying in Russia. For the last 20 years, A.K. Educational Consultants has been sending Indian students to some of the best universities in Russia,

such as Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Privolzksiy Research Medical University, Kazan State Medical University, and Volgograd State Medical University.

The straightforward admissions procedure is a benefit of studying MBBS in Russia. There is no entrance exam and no payment or capitation fee asked of the students.

The pupil must be eligible to take the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET). Before admitting Indian students, the Federal Universities there administer an aptitude exam.

A wide range of opportunities and board exposure to clinical practise are also available because of the well developed, high-profile hospitals in Russia's major cities. Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, and Kaliningrad are a few of Russia's largest cities.

More importantly, ties between India and Russia are solid and robust and have been friendly and cooperative for many years. It is already common knowledge that Russians treat Indian students with respect and refer to them as "Hindi Russi Bhai Bhai."

The benefit of this is that Indian students are welcomed and that Russian authorities take good care of their safety and wellbeing. In general, this is a huge comfort for the parents of kids who are studying in the nation.