According to PM Modi, the golden age of Indian sports is ahead.

The prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, praised the courageous performance of the Indian delegation, which brought back 61 medals from the Commonwealth Games, on Saturday.

 He claimed that the golden era of Indian sports is just around the corner. In order to honour the players in this place, Modi on Saturday welcomed the Indian delegation to his home.

In Birmingham, the Indian competitors put up a spectacular performance, winning 61 medals, including 22 gold, 16 silver, and 23 bronze. "Since our athletes were in a close race for first place, the true evaluation of this performance cannot be based just on the number of medals.

There may have been a discrepancy of 1 second or 1 centimetre, but I am convinced that we will make up for it "During his address, Modi stated.

"The golden era of Indian sports is knocking on the doors, but it is just the beginning, and we are not going to just sit quietly." "It is our duty to create a sporting system that is the greatest in the world, one that is inclusive, varied, and dynamic. All talents are assets, thus none should be overlooked."

India's competitors performed admirably in badminton, wrestling, and weightlifting, but they also excelled in athletics, judo, and lawn bowl, where they earned the nation's first-ever medal at the Games. "We have not only strengthened the sports in which we have excelled but also made a name for ourselves in brand-new sports. In hockey, we're attempting to reclaim our legacy "Added Modi.

Since the last competition, we have won medals in four brand-new sports, from lawn bowling to athletics. The interest of kids in new sports will rise as a result of this performance. We must up our game in the newest sports. 

The Indian team also took home a silver in the inaugural women's T20 cricket competition at the CWG. "India has played terrific cricket under the direction of Harmanpreet (Kaur). All of the players performed admirably, but no one knew how to counter Renuka's (Thakur) swing bowling. Being the best wicket taker among the greats is no easy achievement."

Modi said that the athletes' accomplishments fell on the same day as India's commemoration of its 75th Independence Day. The majority of the CWG-returned athletes, including the wrestlers, weightlifters, boxers, shuttlers, and table tennis players, attended the felicitation session. 

Modi also expressed his congratulations to the chess players who participated in the Olympiad in Chennai and took home gold.