India's electricity consumption increased in July by 3.8% to 128.38 billion units.

In July, amid heavy rains throughout the nation, India's electricity consumption increased slightly, year over year, by 3.8% to 128.38 billion units (BU), according to statistics from the power ministry.

The amount of power consumed in July of last year was 123.72 BU, which was more than the 112.14 BU consumed in the same month of 2020.

But throughout July, the maximum supply in a day—the peak power demand—dropped to 190.38 GW. In July 2021, the highest electricity supply was 200.53 GW, whereas in July 2020, it was 170.40 GW.

The devastating impact of the introduction of lockdown limitations to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus has an influence on power usage and demand in July 2020.

The pre-pandemic period's consumption in July 2019 was 116.48 billion units. 

Experts claim that because of the massive rains that occurred in the nation in July with the arrival of the Monsoon, both electricity demand and consumption remained low.

According to reports, especially in the northern regions, the rains in July provided reprieve from the agonisingly high temperatures seen in June this year.

 Given the country's nearly typical economic activity, both power demand and consumption would steadily increase in the upcoming months.