At HPCL gas stations, Honda Power now offers electric battery exchange services.

The oil business Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) and Honda Power Pack Energy India Private (HEID), a division of Honda Motor, said on Tuesday that they had begun offering electric battery swap services at HPCL gas stations.

Auto rickshaw drivers will be able to stop at the nearby battery stations that are being set up and exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones thanks to HEID's operation of the battery swap services.

As a result, drivers' initial investment in an electric vehicle (EV) will be greatly reduced.

the businesses stated in a statement. They also assuaged worries about battery depletion.

Sandeep Maheshwari, executive director-retail at HPCL, stated that swappable batteries "address the fundamental EV adoption challenges such as high upfront prices, range anxiety, and long charging time."

Scalability would be ensured by Honda's technology and HPCL's 20,000+ retail locations nationwide, he continued.

In Bengaluru, HEID wants to build the largest battery swap network with more than 70 stations over the upcoming 12 months. Additionally, the service will be increased. to other significant cities gradually, according to the statement.

Kiyoshi Ito, president and CMD at HEID, stated that the company would concentrate on three actions: expanding its battery swap network in Bengaluru, 

guaranteeing dependable service with a highly integrated system monitoring every distinct battery and exchanger, and supporting vehicle manufacturers who are developing EVs that use the Honda Mobile Power Pack.

The firms said that the official opening ceremony took place on August 6 just a few days ago.

In February of this year, HEID and HPCL signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and a business agreement to cooperate together on projects related to e-mobility.