July sales for Honda Cars India increased by 12 percent to 6,784 vehicles.

Honda Cars India said on Monday that its domestic sales grew by 12% to 6,784 units in the last month.

2,104 units were also exported by the manufacturer of City and Amaze last month. 

In July of last year, the business recorded sales of 6,055 units on the home market and 918 units abroad. Over the past few months, we have noticed a strong demand trend throughout the whole model lineup.

Sadly, the continuing chip scarcity is still having an effect on and slowing down our shipments.

Yuichi Murata, Director (Marketing and Sales) at Honda Cars India, stated in a statement, "We are actively coordinating our production to meet the demand as rapidly as feasible."

He said that the company's wholesale sales had increased by 40% overall over the previous year.

After the difficult circumstances of the previous year, we hope that the demand will remain high as we approach the holiday season and deliver the industry the much-needed holiday happiness.

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