In July, GST revenue increased to Rs 1.49lakh crore, a 28% YoY increase.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenue received in India in July was Rs. 1.49 lakh crore, up 28% over the same month in 2016, the finance ministry reported on August 1.

The amount of GST money collected in July was 3% more than it was in June.

The finance ministry stated in a statement that "for five consecutive months, 

the monthly GST revenues have been more above Rs 1.4 lakh core, exhibiting a steady growth every month."

State GST totaled Rs 32,807 crore and Central GST was Rs 25,751 crore of the total GST receipts. The combined amount of cess and GST was Rs 79,518 crore.

From the Integrated GST, the government paid out Rs. 32,365 crore to the Central GST and Rs. 26,774 crore to the State GST.

As a result, after settlement, the Centre's and the States' respective July total revenues were Rs 58,116 crore and Rs 59,581 crore.

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