Know the transaction fees and the maximum free withdrawals at different ATMs with HDFC Bank.

For savings and salary accounts, HDFC Bank provides 5 free transactions per month at HDFC Bank ATMs.

For other banks, there are 5 free transactions at non-metro ATMs and 3 free transactions at metro ATMs.

 In excess of the permitted number of free withdrawals, HDFC Bank charges Rs. 21 plus any relevant taxes; for non-financial withdrawals, the fee is Rs. 8.50 + GST.

Current account holders at HDFC Bank can take advantage of additional benefits like unlimited ATM withdrawals,

which are available to those with Activ, Ascent, Max Advantage Plus, Professionals, Ecomm, SmartUp Alpha, SmartUp Growth, SmartUp Max, Ultima, Apex, Max, Flexi, Merchant Advantage Plus, and Supreme accounts

However, the bank would start charging after 3 free transactions at metro ATMs, and 5 free transactions at non-metro ATMs.

Beyond the established limit of free transactions, a fee of 21 plus relevant taxes will be charged for cash withdrawals and non-financial transactions.

Hospitals, nursing homes, pathology labs, and current accounts under the Regular, Premium, Trade, Merchant Advantage, and Ezee may all make unlimited withdrawals from HDFC Bank's ATM.

However, if a withdrawal is made from an ATM belonging to a different bank, these accounts will be debited from the very first transaction.

Only cash withdrawal transactions will be charged for transactions made at HDFC Bank ATMs. The balance inquiry, mini statement, and PIN change are non-financial transactions that are free.

Both financial (cash withdrawal) and non-financial transactions will be taken into account when billing for transactions made at ATMs that are not HDFC Bank ATMs (Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement & PIN Change).

According to the HDFC Bank website, transactions made from ATMs in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad would be regarded as Metro ATM transactions.