DOUBLE SUCCESS Next month, millions of SSI recipients will get two payments totaling up to $1,682; see specific dates.

Due to the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increasing to 5.9 percent in 2022, the typical SSI claimant is receiving $621 in benefits per month this year.

The maximum monthly payment per person is $841. Approximately 8 million individuals rely on SSI assistance. 

The third adjustment to the SSI payment schedule under the new COLA will take place starting next month.

The most recent one took place in April since the first of the month, when benefits are typically distributed, fell on a weekend.

Beneficiaries of SSI can anticipate receiving two payments during the impacted month if that occurs. As a result, SSI recipients may anticipate receiving two payments in September totaling up to $1,682. 

The fact that October 1 falls on a Saturday will have an effect on the payment schedule. Benefits will thus be distributed on the Friday prior.

It indicates that SSI recipients may anticipate receiving their payouts on September 1 and September 30. Even if the timetable is only altered by one day, you should keep this in mind while reviewing your monthly accounts.

Social Security claimants may anticipate receiving their benefits on the regular Wednesday because nothing will change the timetable for next month.

Depending on your birthday, Social Security benefits are distributed on one of three distinct Wednesdays each month.