Tanya was my firstborn kid, Dia Mirza says in a heartfelt letter to her late niece.

The heartbreaking news of her niece Tanya Kakde's passing was announced in a post on actress Dia Mirza's Instagram page on Tuesday, August 2.

Apparently, she passed away in a vehicle accident in Hyderabad. On Wednesday, August 3, the Sanju actress sent a painful letter in memory of her deceased niece.

Sharing a photo taken with The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai as the backdrop, Dia commented, "Every time Tanya would come to visit, the hallways of my Mumbai residence would be filled with squeals of "Dia Maashi."

She brought with her an innocence that occasionally veered off course, a laugh that was always contagious, a curiosity that deserved to be fostered, and a very particular type of love, which I will always cherish dear to my heart.

 Because I now realise that I will miss having experienced her unconditional love, just like everyone other who has ever known her."

Tanya was referred to as her eldest kid by Dia "Tanya resembled my firstborn child in many respects. Despite the fact that she never had it easy, she always had us, and I have to assume that she was aware of this at all times.

She granted me the pleasure of listening to her, directing, indulging, correcting, and punishing her in exchange for the tightest hugs and an impish smile. I'm really appreciative to her."