A warning is issued to the Gurugram-based developer JMS for the unauthorised selling of cheap plots.

A warning is issued to the Gurugram-based developer JMS for the unauthorised selling of cheap plots.

The city's developer JMS Infra Build Private Limited received a show-cause notice from Gurugram Town and Country Planning Department for allegedly selling unlicensed plots under the pretence of affordable housing.

The developer has been charged with selling properties under the flagship Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna programme of Haryana, which promotes the growth of planned communities through a flexible regulatory framework.

District Town Planner-Enforcement (DTPE) Amit Madholia published the notification. According to the DTPE, the department received complaints from users of social media sites like Twitter alleging that JMS Infra was scheduling plots on its 15 acres of property in Sohna.

"The field crew inspected the property and discovered that you had begun building there as well as published an advertisement for plot reservations. As a result, it violates Section 7(i) of the Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975, and is pre-launch "the notification stated.

The Town and Country Planning department has yet to approve JMS Infra's application to build an affordable planned community (DDJY-2016) on property covering around 15 acres in Sector 5 of Sohna.

No person is allowed to transfer or agree to transfer plots in a colony, make an advertisement for them, or receive any money in connection with them without first obtaining a licence under Section 3 of the Act No. 8 of 1975, according to Section 7 I of that law.

In accordance with Section 7(i) of the Haryana Development and Regulations of Urban Areas Act, 1975, it is also forbidden for anybody, including real estate agents, to market or transfer plots in a colony without a permit. Additionally, no plots may be reserved without the layout plan's approval.

The developer was required by the DTCP to respond in writing and attend in person at the DTCP Gurugram office by August 19. The notification demanded that the defendant "...show cause as to why a judicial proceeding against you may not be commenced and your case may not be reported to the Competent Authority for revocation of approvals."

According to senior town planner Narendra Singh Solanki, if a coloniser is discovered to have violated the law, the government may advise filing a FIR against them.

According to Amit Madholia of DTP Enforcement, the offence is compoundable and can be resolved by assessing a fine on the developer. We are awaiting a response from the developer. 

In June of this year, JMS Infra purchased around 15 acres of property in Sohna from the Haryana government. Additionally, the developer has started two DDJY projects in Gurugram's Sectors 95A and 95.