Are Celebs Unliking Johnny Depp's Instagram Post Regarding the Trial Win?

Twitter users allege that after Johnny Depp won his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, celebs including Bella Hadid, Sophie Turner, Joey King, Orlando Bloom, and Robert Downey Jr.

 appear to be unliking Johnny Depp's Instagram post. But the famous people haven't made any official statements about it. Depp, who had received a lot of positive support on social media following his victory in the case, said in a statement that the jury had given him his "life back"

Several Twitter accounts have compiled a list of the famous people who liked Depp's joyful Instagram picture. Now, they have published lists ostensibly listing the names of famous people who have deleted their likes or otherwise appeared to stop supporting them.

Twitter discussions have suggested that this action follows the unsealing of 6,000 pages of court records pertaining to the defamation prosecution.

Actress Ellen Barkin, who is also Johnny Depp's ex-girlfriend, recently alleged in a deposition that wasn't shown during the trial that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor drugged her during their first encounter.

These claims, according to the Daily Mail, are contained in her deposition, which was included in the 6000 pages of the court file that were released. Ellen Barkin said that Depp is "very charming," just like "most abusers" in the messages that their libel lawsuit collected.

 She continued by saying that during their initial encounter, he gave her a sedative. Barkin alleged, "He offered me a quaalude and asked me if I wanted to f***."

The actress claimed that Depp is a "jealous and dominating" man while discussing his nature. She also remembered how he once accused her of being unfaithful because she had a scrape on her back.

 He's basically a jealous, domineering man who wants to know where you're going and who you're going with, she claimed. What did you do the day before? He once became really irate about a scrape on my back because he felt it was the result of having sex with someone who wasn't him.