According to Gopal Vittal, Airtel will launch 5G services this month.

According to Bharti Airtel's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Gopal Vittal, the company expects to launch fifth generation (5G) telecom services this month and hopes to have them available in all major cities and rural regions by March 2024.

Vittal spoke on the company's earnings conference and stated, "We plan to roll out 5G beginning in August and eventually covering the entire country of India. We anticipate being able to reach every town and important rural area with 5G by March 2024.

In reality, there are entire plans in place for the development of the network in 5000 Indian towns. One of the largest rollouts in our history will take place with this."

Every network domain, according to him, is fully 5G ready. "Over time, our transport layer has been developed.

Every site we roll out will be backhaul ready to give 5G experience in accordance with what is required to deliver a world-class experience thanks to the combination of fibre to the tower, synergies from fibre to the house, and the availability of E-band micro wave spectrum.

Our multi-terabit MPLS and internet backbone are perfectly equipped to handle the data increase brought on by 5G.

We have best-in-class partners for the cloud platform who will assist us in smoothly deploying our network even on the cloud network side "said he.

Vittal emphasised that Airtel currently owns 100 MHz of 3.5 Ghz in every countrywide circle. "The core 5G layer at 3.5 GHz will offer us a pan-Indian footprint and enable us to provide clients with a real 5G experience.

Additionally, Airtel has purchased 800 Mhz of 26 Ghz spectrum throughout the whole nation. This frequency offers 4 Gbps-style speeds but has a constrained range of propagation.

Finally, we increased our spectrum holdings in the mid-band (1800/2100/900 bands) and low band. As a consequence, Rs 43,040 crore was committed overall in this auction."

The second-highest bidder in the 5G spectrum auction is Bharti Airtel. The largest bidder, Reliance Jio, contributed 58.65 percent of the total, which was worth Rs 1,50,173 crore.