Order for 100 electric buses from Olectra to be delivered to Assam

The Assam State Transport Corporation has placed an order with Olectra Greentech Limited (Olectra) to purchase 100 electric buses.

The first order from the Northeastern States has been bagged.

 According to a statement from Olectra, the company has received buses that will be maintained for five years outright and that will be delivered over a nine-month period.

Assam State Transport Corporations have issued a Letter of Award to Olectra Greentech Limited for 100 electric buses.

For Olectra, the cost of providing these 100 buses will be around Rs 151 crore.

K V Pradeep, Chairman and Managing Director of Olectra, responded to the agreement by saying, "We are pleased to receive the first order from Assam and the North-Eastern States.

 Our buses are currently operating throughout India under this order.

Ours greatly decreased carbon emissions and travelled more than 5 crore kilometres on Indian highways."